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BSMI, MOEA established "NRECC" to construct Green Electricity ID and Resume System

BSMI, MOEA News Release April 21, 2017

BSMI, MOEA established the "Preparatory Office of National Renewable Energy Certificate Center" today (21 st day), many important guests attended the opening ceremony; including Executive Yuan, EPA, BOE, TPC, Japan Green Power Certificate Center, I-REC Standard Foundation, and industrial representatives and domestic & overseas institutions, etc.; to jointly support Taiwan in promoting the development of green-energy industry and the sustainable operation of enterprises; and witness the entry of Taiwan's renewable energy development into a new era of free trade and international green supply chain.

In order for international enterprises to achieve the sustainable development and cope with the international development tendency of renewable energy, the voluntary commitment to using the renewable energy has become prevailing; for examples, Apple Inc. and Google Company in the US, etc. international enterprises have promised to use 100% renewable energy for their operation facilities and data centers, and request their vendors within supply chain to increase the proportion of using the renewable energy; thus doing leads to drive the development of green industry internationally; meanwhile, the important subject to each country at present is how to offer the use certificate of renewable energy to comply with the green trade standards in Europe and America so as to incorporate it into the international green supply chain; as a result, the advanced countries, such as the US, Germany, and Japan, etc., have established the renewable energy certificate system one after another.。

Executive Yuan has assigned the BSMI of MOEA to promote the Renewable Energy Inspection & Testing Verification and Certificate Center; and BSMI officially established the "Preparatory Office of National Renewable Energy Certificate Center" today to establish the Renewable Energy Certificate System with impartiality and credibility, conducted a unified management for the domestic renewable energy certificate and the verification and audit of required power source (including the equipment and power generation capacity) thereof. Today, Minister of MOEA, Mr. Shi-Guang Lee led to hold the Office-Opening Ceremony that officially announced the establishment of Renewable Energy Certificate System. As expressed by MOEA, it is scheduled that first Renewable Energy Certificate of R.O.C. will be demonstratively issued in the second quarter this year.

Director General of BSMI of MOEA, Mr. Ming-Zhong Liu said that Renewable Energy Certificate can be regarded as a green electricity ID or green electricity resume; by going through the verification of power generation equipment and validation of power generation capacity together with the monitoring of system's power generation capacity and the on-site verification, it can trace the power source of green electricity purchased by the electricity provider, establish the reliability of certificate, ensure the quality of green electricity in the trading market, and construct a fair and healthy market mechanism for renewable energy.

BSMI of MOEA expressed, through the market mechanism that certificate can be transferred into the environmental benefit, the Renewable Energy Certificate System established in R.O.C. can stimulate the voluntary establishment of renewable energy market, promote the willingness of electricity producers to invest in renewable energy facility, assist the government in achieving the objectives of renewable energy development, and meet the demand from green supply chain for its use of renewable energy. Moreover, it will also facilitate a positive development of ecological system for the industries of power generation equipment of renewable energy, verification service, finance, insurance, and energy service, etc.


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