1. How to apply for the certificate?
Please visit Taiwan Renewable Energy Certificate website (www.trec.org.tw), download the guidelines for pilot implementation and the operation procedure, fill out the Application Form in the Annex, and file the application in accordance with the Procedure.

(1) The applicant shall fill out the Application Form and appoint a certificate holder.

(2) After the receipt of certificate application, NRECC will conduct the document review and on-site verification, approve the registry of applicant's equipment and issue the Verification Report of Power Generation Equipment to the applicant.

(3) After having been reviewed and verified the application, NRECC shall issue one certificate to the applicant for every 1 megawatt-hour power generation during the approved period with the issuance number of certificate registered.

2. What are the benefits from applying for certificate?
The electricity generation producers can apply for the certificate to act as an evidence of green power generation and sell it together with the provision of electricity to their users; or sell the environmental benefit of green power to those who in need in a manner of the certificate. The certificate purchaser can use it for the greenhouse gas inventory and the grading system of domestic & international enterprises as well; for instance, it can be used as the proof of green power in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The owner of self-use equipment also can apply for the certificate to show the use of green power generation and use it for the enterprise grading system.
3. Can power generation equipment with tiny electricity generation capacity apply for the certificate?
NRECC will not restrict the threshold of installed capacity for the power generation equipment to apply for the certificate for the time being; however, only the equipment with a cumulative electricity production up to 1 megawatt-hour can be issued one certificate; therefore, the smaller the installed capacity, the longer the time it will be waiting to reach 1 megawatt-hour.
4. How often will the power generation equipment be verified once?
After filing the application for verification of power generation equipment for the first time, NRECC will proceed the document review and on-site verification, conduct a regular or irregular tracking and verification for the power generation equipment and its electricity generation capacity.
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