Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs Continues to Promote Green Energy Development, the Cumulative T-REC Issuance Number Has Reached 2544

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Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BSMI, MOEA) has been promoting "Taiwan's Renewable Energy Certification” (T-REC) System. On June 29, the cumulative T-REC issuance number has reached 2544 from 19 generation sites. This is the equivalent of 2,544,000 kWh renewable electricity, and can be used as proof for 1346 tons of carbon emission reduction. The number of generation sites and T-REC has increased significantly since the opening ceremony of the National Renewable Energy Certification Center Preparatory Office on April 21, 2017 and the first batch of T-REC issuance on May 19, 2017 with 11 generation sites and 268 T-REC was issued.
Enable to accelerate the promotion of renewable energy development and to ensure the quality and source of the renewable electricity, the "Directions for the Establishment of National Renewable Energy Certification Center” has been approved by MOEA and the National Renewable Energy Certification Center (T-REC Center) has begun its formal operation. T-REC Center's (www.trec.org.tw) scope of responsibilities include:
1. Processing T-REC application, check and verify, transfer, and retire T-REC
2. Provide guidance for T-REC application for renewable electricity generation industry
3. Supervise T-REC usage
4. Assisting with domestic and international T-REC promotion
5. Establishment of T-REC Information Management Platform to provide renewable energy data analysis for industrial and financial institutions to invest
6. Provide consulting service related to T-REC
BSMI has expressed that since May 19, after the first batch of T-REC was issued by the T-REC Center, the Center has begun to receive more calls and T-REC applications from both publicly and privately-owned organizations. In the government department, in addition to the original application from Taipei City Government's Expo Park, Nanmen market and other generation sites, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Hakka Affairs Council, and other central ministries, and the Pingtung County Government, Changhua County Government, Taitung County Government and other local governments have begun to apply for T-REC. Among them, Pingtung County Government has invited BSMI on June 12, 2017 to go to Pingtung to hold a T-REC Information Meeting. To call upon the units that have already been investing in renewable energy to apply for T-REC, and hoping to promote Pingtung's renewable energy industry to develop more effectively. To show the determination of renewable energy testing and verification of Pingtung County, Guangtsai Wetlands, Pingtung City Sport Center, Liudui Hakka Cultural Park, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, and National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium have all applied and received T-REC. The T-REC Center welcomes all inquiries and has a specific contact window for T-REC application (Please contact Ms. Chen at 02-33432295).
Deputy Director of BSMI, Mr. Ming-Jong Liou, indicates that in consideration of the increasing amount of T-REC issuance and industry's demand, BSMI has begun to develop the "Taiwan Renewable Energy Certificates Market Trading Guidance Pilot Program,” and will invite all related participants to attend an information meeting in the near future. For the T-REC market expansion, this Pilot Program would facilitate trades between T-REC Suppliers and Demanders and develop transaction and transfer management mechanism.
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