Missions And Visions

To support Executive Yuan's 2025 goal for achieving at least 20% of the total power generation is from renewable energy, decrease the dependency on importing energy, to driven renewable energy industry, to ensure stable electricity supply, to speed up the process of opening renewable energy electricity market, and to promote energy saving and increase efficiency. starting from the four-main focus: Creating Energy, Saving Energy, Energy Storage, and Intelligent System Integration, and Shalun Green Energy Science City will become the demonstration field to promote renewable energy industry. Also, according to the Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction's meeting minutes, the office has concluded to set up a preparatory office to establish an innovation platform, to form renewable demonstration field and ecology, and to promote renewable energy industry output.

The goal of this project is to assist the establishment of Renewable Energy Certification (REC) Center to construct a Renewable Energy Certification mechanism, detail regulations, verification standards and tracking system. After the renewable energy generation equipment and production amount have been verified, the REC is the proof for renewable energy usage and environmental benefits. REC for Hydropower will be the first demonstration example, Then will integrate solar energy, wind power, hydropower, and other renewable energy verification process to establish a unify verification standard.

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