Policy Dependence

1. National Renewable Energy Technology Industry Promotion Goal

First, according to the meeting on August 4th, 2016 by the Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction, Executive Yuan, It has concluded, “for Shalun Green Energy Science City’s Planning Mechanism, It will require to build a preparatory office for more detail planning based on government's top-down structure. Hoping to construct an innovation platform in the future to perform National Energy Program-Phase II (NEP II)'S Research and Development (R&D) Results, to form renewable energy demonstration site and ecological settlement, and last to promote the Development of Renewable Energy Industry and its output.” Regarding the Shalun Green Energy Science City, the relevant units and its work duty are listed as below:

(1) National Energy Program-Phase II (NEP II) related programs will be directed by Bureau of Energy (BOE);

(2) Renewable Energy Certification and Verification and Certificate Center will be directed By Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI);

(3) Enterprise R&D Center will help with planning the relevant cooperation segments, directed by Department of Industry Technology (DoIT).

Second, on May 25th, 2016, Minister of Ministry Of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Mr. Chih-Kung Lee, has presented a policy briefing on its governance objectives. Two topics from Minister's speech were quoted, “To actively develop renewable energy to achieve 20% of the total power generation is from renewable in 2025,” And, “To establish a low-carbon sustainable, high quality and stable, also efficient economic energy system.” (May 25th, 2016, MOEA Policy briefing file)

Third, on June 15th, 2016, the National Development Council provided briefing regarding the Five Innovation Industries to drive the next generation of Taiwan's industry growth, to promote development of renewable energy technology innovation industry. (June 15th, 2016, National Development Council briefing file)

Last, Taiwan is actively developing energy-saving (including equipment, communications, and ESCO energy service), energy storage, and renewable process technology to be in line with the global demand in renewable manufacturing process. Besides developing new technology, Taiwan will also train more hardware and software and financial service personnel. (Executive Yuan Science and Technology Council Executive Secretary, Mr. Yao-Huang Guo, with the new government policy focus - FY106 science and technology budget to consider the proposed assistance, Date: 2016-06-03)

2. Renewable Energy Industry Leap Plan

The goal and vision for this plan is to achieve the industry output of 1 Trillion NT and to provide more than 100,000 Jobs. Industrial development goal for the PV system industry is to become one of the world's major suppliers. also, to promote wind power industry for independent construction, operation, and maintenance manufacturing locally, to establish offshore wind power generation equipment system testing, and repair technology. Eventually become a global supplier of LED components and modules, to establish the international brands and access, and be able to let smart meter system and energy management program to export from Taiwan.

3. Greenhouse Gas Reduction And Management Act

Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act was promulgated on July 1st, 2015 by the President, and Taiwan has officially entered the new era of carbon reduction. This Act is the first law in Taiwan to authorize the government to determine the long-term reduction target for 2050 and the five-year stage control target in response to the laws of climate change.

Taiwan will adopt a management mechanism with economic incentives to gradually establish a cap and trade system from the free distribution price placement. In the future, there will be three major mitigations, including slow-down, adjust, and renewable growth, to help promote Taiwan's action in response to climate change.

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