“Green Energy Market”Debut, BSMI Assists Enterprises to Obtain Green Electricity and T-REC

August 31, 2022


Green Energy MarketDebut, BSMI Assists Enterprises to Obtain Green Electricity and T-REC


Under the global trend of achieving Net Zero, countries and major international companies have announced net zero targets and taking action to reduce emission to mitigate climate change. Enterprises in Taiwan play a key role in global supply chain, as major international companies require their suppliers to implement green supply chain management practice, boosting the domestic demand for renewable energy.


To fulfill domestic demand for renewable energy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) actively promotes the construction of renewable energy sources, such as solar and offshore wind power plant projects, to increase the supply of renewable energy. The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI), the regulatory authority for green power transaction under MOEA, has launched “Green Energy Market” campaign, through three approaches including survey, matchmaking and dedicated service, to assist stakeholders of supply and demand sides access to green electricity procurement. This year, in partnership with public associations, BSMI surveyed the demand of renewable energy from diverse industries and launched group purchase activities, to encourage price-competitive solar PV projects to enter the market. In the meantime, facilitating the green electricity matchmaking for both supply and demand sides through the support of 6 organizations, the National Renewable Energy Certification Center (T-REC Center), Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), Taiwan Testing and Certification Center (ETC), Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC), Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center (TERTEC) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). BSMI also assists in expediting the administrative process of electricity supply for renewable energy retailers in the form of specialized services.


In June, to make green electricity procuring easier, BSMI launched the "Green Leasing Program", which allows landlord to group purchase and allocate green electricity for their tenants in commercial buildings or similar type of collective buildings. Besides, BSMI organizes a series of onsite and online Green Energy Market campaign over northern, southern, and central Taiwan, and set up a matching area on the T-REC center website to help enterprises in green electricity purchasing with its consulting and matching services.


The very first online " Green Energy Market – for Renewable Energy Retailers " activity was held on June 29th, focus on the topics of renewable energy certificate market and the relevant mechanism. The Bureau of Energy (BOE) and Taiwan Power Company (TPC) were both invited to deliver speech regarding the administrative procedure of power wheeling mechanism and transferring generation equipment from type 3 to type 1. More than 60 renewable energy retailers and generation companies participated in this event, access channels were successfully established between power generation companies and electricity retailers. Through the cooperation between the two parties, the supply of green energy in the market is expected to accelerate.


A series of " Green Energy Market " campaign, which including forums and matchmaking sessions, has been launched since July. The forum provides a platform for renewable energy generation companies and retailers to introduce their renewable energy planets and individual services to companies. After forum comes the matchmaking session, the renewable energy demanders could visit supplier’s booths for green electricity procurement consultation, and further seek for business opportunities.


With the rapid development of Taiwan's green electricity trading market, BSMI will continue to optimize the T-REC trading platform, guide enterprises to participate in various demonstration projects and T-REC application consultation, and provide enterprises with online and offline channels through the "green energy market". Diversified green power procurement channels will help local enterprises meet international green supply chain needs and keep pace with global net zero.