International Cooperation

T-REC, established in 2017, has been dedicated to upgrading T-REC by connecting with various prestigious international environmental organizations, global initiators of sustainability, climate action, and renewable energy ecolabels.

To strengthen international cooperation, we promote communications with foreign renewable energy institutions and research the renewable energy application and certification systems in various countries, hoping to build an efficient cross-border renewable energy certificate exchange and cooperation platform.

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Achievements till now:
  • 2018 CDP guidance & questionnaire

    CDP, a non-profit charity, runs the global disclosure system for investors, nations, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. T-REC has been incorporated in CDP questionnaire as a renewable energy sourcing method since 2018 (Technical Note: Accounting of Scope 2 emissions).

  • 2019 Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)

    EPEAT, a global ecolabel for the IT sector, helps purchasers, manufacturers, resellers, etc. buy and sell environmentally preferable electronic products. T-REC has been approved as equivalent renewable energy manufacturer of EPEAT (IEEE 1680.1).

  • 2020 RE100

    RE100, a global renewable energy initiative corporate, brings international ambitious businesses to commit to 100% renewable electricity. T-REC, cooperated with RE 100, was recommended as one of the Energy Attribute certificates in the RE100 spreadsheet for Purchased and Self-generated renewable electricity (RE 100 Reporting Guidance 2020).